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About us

In 1987, after years of working for big box stores, Bill Sewell put together a team that consisted of his wife, Nancy, and father-in-law, Ben, to open Emory Centre Pharmacy.  For nearly 20 years, they worked side-by-side with Nancy as a technician, Ben handling deliveries, and formed a wonderful group of employees.  Their son, Travis, grew up in and around the family business. After graduating in 2009, he became a pharmacist at Emory Centre Pharmacy.  As he takes the reins of the business that we have been so proud of for 30+ years, we take pride in continuing to provide the same fast, friendly service we have come to be known for while still providing all the conveniences of a modern pharmacy including medication synchronization, medication therapy management, custom packaging, free delivery, and more.

emory centre store front
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